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Romeo and Juliet
by William Shakespeare

Romeo and Juliet

Cast & Crew

Prince of Verona Richard Walker
Mercutio Martin Borley
Paris Matthew Gregg
Page Keiron Whitehouse
Montague Vince Perry
Lady Montague Janice Shortland
Romeo Adam Young
Benvolio Denise Swann
Capulet Owen Warr
Lady Capulet Jan Stoppani
Juliet Gina Lander
Tybalt David Ufton
Nurse Janice Shortland
Peter Keiron Whitehouse
Friar Lawrence Frazer Haines
Friar John David Ufton
Balthazar Tony Krainz
Apothecary Martin Borley
Chorus Richard Walker
Guests Clare Brittain, Julie Phipps, Liz Hawes, Patricia Brittain, Ruth Davison, Mindy Robinson

Peter Whittle
Srtage Manager Paul Geeson
Stage Assistants Denise Swann, Vince Perry, Debbie Tudge

Set Derek Banyard
Costumes designed and made by Alison Dunmore, Jane Roebuck, Jan Peters

Assisted by Clare Brittain, Patricia Coleman, Ann Stirland
Properties Mindy Robinson
Headwear Joy Eason
Make-up/Hair Elaine Geeson
Lighting Richard Walker
Prompt Grace Ciappara, Jean McNamara

Graphic Designer Ian Stephens
Publicity Min Kingston



Romeo & Juliet (2011)
Romeo & Juliet (2001)

Romeo & Juliet (1960)

Gina Lander as Juliet and Adam Young as Romeo.

Production No. 279

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by Mark Hooper, Northampton Chronicle & Echo
July 1994

In these days of soap operas and films with fairy tale endings, the tragic story of Romeo and Juliet seems out of place.

There is no happy ending. Shakespeare’s star-crossed lovers lie dead, victims of a cruel set of circumstances.

Northampton’s Masque Theatre have chosen the 400-year-old tale for their annual outdoor Shakespeare production, perfectly capturing the spirit of the classic play.

The company present Romeo and Juliet on a sparse set with fine use of colour, particularly in the costumes, which reach Masque’s usual high standard.

Each family is represented with a different colour, making the kin of each character instantly recognisable.

Masked people loiter in the background giving the impression that the sinister turn of events is beyond the control of the lovers and that there is no escape from the impending tragedy.

Director Peter Whittle creates a very effective production. The actors are clearly audible for the vast majority of the play and standing with their backs to the audience is kept to the minimum.

Gina Lander and Adam Young excel in the lead roles, gripping the audience with the desperation of their love. They are well supported by the rest of a substantial cast.

When performing outdoors distractions are inevitable. Anything from passing cars or aeroplanes to gusts of wind or even rain is possible. But any diversions were ignored by the actors, failing to disturb the rhythm of Shakespeare’s prose.

Masque’s outdoor production of Romeo and Juliet continues their tradition of excellence with a very entertaining performance and an enjoyable way to spend a summer’s evening.

Thu 28 July - Sat 6 August 1994 at 7.30pm except Sun 31 July
In the open air in the grounds of St Andrew's Hospital, Billing Road, Northampton

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