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Romeo and Juliet
by William Shakespeare

Romeo and Juliet

Cast & Crew

Romeo Evan Roberts
Juliet Alison Dunmore
Nurse Pamela Pusey
Mercutio William Solley
Lawrence Leslie Necus
Capulet Maurice Dunmore
Lady Capulet Rita Haggett
Prince Ken Collins
Benvolio Ken York
Tybalt David Sturman
Paris John Herbert
Montague Ken Gray
Lady Montague Ann Stirland
Sampson Derek Needle
Gregory Chris Collins
Peter Peter Berrisford
Apothecary Peter Berrisford
Abraham Michael Ross
Friar John Michael Ross
Balthazar Antony Eady
Watch Derek Gray
2nd Watch Steve Hastings
Old Capulet Steve Hastings
Page to Paris Ann Strirland
3rd Watch Richard Hastings
Ladies Hilary White, Greta Kinch, Sandra Dews, Jacqueline Clarke

Producer and Stage Manager
Paulina Brandt
Assistant Stage Managers Greta Kinch, Hilary White, Sandra Dews
Set and Costumes Designed by Mabel Jeffrey

Music Derek Stirland
Business Manager Alan Ellis

Lighting Maurice Robbins, Paul Boughton
Sound Northampton Tape & 8mm Cine Club
Carpenter Charles Kew



Romeo & Juliet (2011)
Romeo & Juliet (2001)

Romeo & Juliet (1994)

Alison Dunmore as Juliet and Evan Roberts as Romeo

Production No. 96

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Northampton Independent, 8 July 1960

No-one would claim that Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, now being presented in the Courtyard, Abington Park, by the Northampton Drama Club, is a 'natural' for the open-air stage like A Midsummer Night's Dream, As You Like It, or The Tempest.

Here is no sylvan-fairy world; no light-hearted, pastoral masquerade; no magic, spell-bound island; no songs; but a tragedy of young love, largely confined within walls, and culminating in a gloomy burial monument.

Perhaps Northampton's 'open-air theatre' itself enclosed by walls is better suited than some for a background to the play.

It is certainly not an easy work for amateurs to attempt, for the two principal roles have vexed and, often, defeated, some quite distinguished professionals.

In the courtyard, Evan Roberts (from Kettering) is a grave and thoughful Romeo who speaks his lines with understanding, although his rash killing of Tybalt seems out of character.

Alison Dunmore is a pretty, smiling Juliet who is as her best in the last scenes when there is no matter left for smiling.

Aong the rest of the cast, Pamela Pusey is a genial, teasing nurse - born and bred, one would say, in Welsh Wales - William Solley a maturely merry Mercutio, Leslie Necus a very human Friar Lawrence, and Maurice Dunmore a fussy, paunchy Capulet.

There are two more performances of the play, this evening and to-morrow evening and since, as on the first night, Romeo and Juliet's tender exchanges may be punctuated by the raucous cries of peacocks, it should be made clear that Paulina Brandt, the producer, did NOT include them in the 'noises off'.

30 June - 9 July 1960
In the open air in the Courtyard, Abington Park Museum, Northampton

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