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Masque Youth Theatre Showcase

Thu 9 February - Sat 11 February 2012 at 7.30pm
Sat matinee at 2.30pm
Avenue Hall, University of Northampton, St George's Avenue, Northampton

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by MYT directors Kris Fortella and Louis Tappenden

Come and enjoy and evening with Masque Youth Theatre. Discover the talent that lies within our next generation.

MYT members will perform, direct and produce the whole evening. You will be impressed by what you see!


by MYT members, and directors Kris Fortella and Louis Tappenden

New member
I joined because I like drama and because the Showcase looked good so I asked my Mum if I could join and she said ‘yes!’

George Fitt, Beth Kendrick, Isla Swan and Noah Walters
Performed an edited extract from Bouncers by John Godber
This was an enjoyable experience, we all enjoyed it very much and would love to carry on with the youth theatre.

Bryony and Nye Tomkins
Gave a hilariously spirited performance of Snow White’s Revolting Rhyme by Roald Dahl
The reason we chose this piece was because it seemed like it was going to be fun to do and it only needed two people. We really enjoyed performing this.

Ethan Monk
Performed a monologue from Blood Brothers by Willy Russell, after which Ellie Calnan and Lottie Grant-Salmon performed a short scene from the play.
Kris Fortella writes: The roles the three chose took tremendous commitment, every character had an accent whether it was ‘Liverpudlian’ or ‘RP’ and each was executed with precision.

Charlotte Wilson Slight and Bekki George
Assembled a cast to perform extracts from Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night.
They chose to focus on the sub plot of the play, which meant much mischief and yellow stockings. The cast members were Will Billingham, Amy Jane Whitestone, Dan Sanders, Imogen Fitt, Katrina Dalley Peter Robinson and Effie Childs
Will writes:
Amusing, both in rehearsals and performance!

Alice Fitt and Finlay Hughes
Performed an edited version of The Applicant
by Harold Pinter
It brought the whole group together and we all felt encouraged by each other. We are proud to be members of Masque Youth Theatre.

Molly Taylor
Performed a monologue entitled Too Much Punch for Judy by Mark Wheeller
I only joined Masque Youth Theatre the week before the performance and found the directors very helpful. Performing the piece was fun but nerve wracking!

Ambrose TippingPerformed a monologue from War of the Buttons by Jonathan Dorf
I chose this piece because I think it made the audience think about the suffering of people due to corrupt governments. Even though it was written about a war some time ago, I feel it has relevance today

And finally
Here is a little ditty written by the directors of Twelfth Night, in iambic pentameter:

Twelfth Night, you see, was a challenging play,
Too long, complex, but fun in its way.
We cut some scenes, a character or two,
Were left with the sub plot to show to you.
Our cast were great, no awesome’s the word,
They told the story not usually heard.
Malvolio’s love, Olivia fair,
Sir Toby’s cruel trick we wanted to share.
We’ve all enjoyed it, we hope you have too,
See you next time when we try something new!