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Seeking The Child
by Bob Godfrey

Cast & Crew

Chorus Leader/Midwife Zelomye/Mother 6 Pat Bancroft
Sarah Achucarro
Liz Clarke
Michael Street
Waiting Woman 1/Citizen/Mother 4
Maggie Holland
Waiting Woman 2/Mother 3
Doreen Wright
Midwife Salome/Mother 2
Linda Caldicott
Sherherd 1/Soldier 1
Kevin French
Shepherd2/Soldier 2
Martin Williams
Shepherd 3/Soldier 3
David Dunkley
Matthew Fell
Owen Warr
Doctor/Soldier 4
Barry L Hillman
Magus 1/Mother 5
Jan Stoppani
Magus 2/Mother 1 Sarah Stringer
Magus 3/Satan
Gemma Knight

Director Bob Godfrey
Assistant Director
Charles Bond
Stage Manager Duncan Morrison
Tanya Moore
Lighting and Sound Operations
Mario Nobre
Assistant Stage Manager
Vera Nobre
Costumes designed and made by
Tamsyn Payne assisted by Alison Dunmore, Pam Mann, Pam Manning, Vera Nobre and members of the cast
Lighting and Sound designed and rigged by
Richard Walker
Derek Banyard
Kevin Smith
Rob Kendall
Puppets and props
Rob Kendall, Joff Chafer, The Works and others

Liz Clarke as Mary.  Photo by John Hendy

Production No. 350

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Bob Godfrey, director

What is the Nativity play that we all remember from school really about?

It tells of the mythical beginnings of Christianity and invites us to celebrate the birth of a child who brings with him the gift of new life at the dark time of our year.

In the first place, Seeking the Child invites its audience to share in that story as imagined by 15th century playwrights.

But on to this story the Ensemble have projected the idea that all children everywhere bring with them that gift of new life. They are the future of the world and carry within them a necessary spirit of playful energy and high hopes, things that I'm sure we all wish to cherish, nurture and celebrate.

But as well as those who value and nourish them, regrettably, there are also many King Herods about who seem insensitive to the gifts children bring and often seek wilfully to destroy them.

Of course life for a child can tum out to be creative, fruitful, and joyful, but it can also be painful, unutterably sad or short.

Join us, then, seeking the child - and do join in the celebration with the carols that end each part.

12 - 16 December 2006
The Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Sheep Street, Northampton

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A scene frtom Seeking the Child

Northampton Chronicle & Echo, 7 December 2006

A Medieval Nativity play gets a modern re-telling at Northampton’s Church of the Holy Sepulchre next week.

Masque Theatre is performing the medieval Guild Play of the Shearmen and Taylors of Coventry, entitled Seeking the Child, which tells the story of Christ’s Nativity and the killing of the innocents.

Director Bob Godfrey has kept the spirit and spectacle of the original, with only the language modernised to bring the story closer to today’s audiences.

"While we all can remember the Nativity from school, this play contains many different comic as well as lurid episodes imagined by the playwrights of 500 years ago," he said.

"Joseph appears foolish when he finds Mary pregnant and makes a big scene. The shepherds lose their sheep and then taunt their boy into a wrestling match, and midwives ridicule the idea of a virgin birth and suffer alarming consequences."

Audiences will also hear the famous Coventry Carol, a moving lullaby sung by the frightened mothers just as Herod ’s soldiers come to kill their children.

The play, which is suitable for children aged seven and upwards, will be performed by a cast of 16 actors and the action is complemented by familiar carols, poems, a giant puppet Gabriel and even an appearance of the Devil.

Seeking the Child will be performed at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Sheep Street from Tuesday until Saturday, December 16 at 7.30pm and Saturday at 2.45pm.

Tickets cost from £4-£6.50 and can be booked either in person at the church’s visitor centre or the Works in Adnitt Road.